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£5.79 per day at London St Pancras International Station

(prices shown exclude VAT at 20% and any loyalty or promotional discount)


London - St Pancras

Our most popular space designed to catch the eye of shoppers and great for all types of products, especially ones that are larger, or require a larger display stand. The display cubes are white in design and can be rented together in groups of 2 or 4 to create a larger merchandising space. Larger interesting props can be used to create a visually interesting stepped display. Cubes are moved around the shop periodically and may be grouped together with other partners. All cubes are accessible by shoppers from the front edge of the cubes. If your cube is located on a corner of a group then it will be accessible by shoppers from the front and a side edge. The first cube entering the shop (if available) is accessible by shoppers from three sides, as shown in the picture. 

The maximum merchandising height for props and products is 90cm from the top of the cube. Any props must be safe and secure so as not to topple over. White-tac can be used to secure props to the cube. No nails, screws or glue.

Width: 70cm
Height: 90cm (maximum vertical merchandising height)
Depth: 70cm
Height from floor: 90cm

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Hanging Pole - not compatible with cube space
Stepped Shelves - not compatible with cube space

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The image of this space shown is a representation. The space you rent may differ in appearance. Prices shown exclude VAT at 20%.


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