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Price of Row 3 + Row 4 per day


Space details:

Combining a row 3 and row 4 together creates an open merchandising space at the chest to head level and is our most popular option when combining space. Use the optional stepped shelves to create a visually interesting stepped display. Products are placed on the row 3 shelf and the space above it used to create an impactful and interesting display. A hanging pole can be added to the top of this space to hang necklaces, garments, belts, scarfs or similar items from. See the hanging section for more details. Note that it is also possible to rent a row 3 and row 4 without combining the space together.

Width: 60cm
Height: 60cm
Depth: 40cm
Height From Floor: approx 125cm

To rent this combination select the following on the same booking:

Rent 1 x Shelf Row 3
Rent 1 x Shelf Row 4
(we will remove the shelf between the row 3 & row 4 to open the space up (unless you require it to remain)


Medium Stepped Shelf (60cm wide, 22cm deep from back wall)
Small Stepped Shelf (60cm wide, 12cm deep from back wall)

Make a Rental Booking:

Note: You need to open a partner account by completing the register to sell with us form before you can rent this space.

Click to rent this space at London St Pancras International Station

The image of this space shown is a representation. The space you rent may differ in appearance. Prices shown exclude VAT at 20%.


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