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Steph Rubbo Saddlery & Leather Work

Steph Rubbo
United Kingdom
I am a trained saddler and make luxury leather accessories including bags, luggage tags, card cases, travel goods, and belts. . The smaller goods started out as a practical way to get in some stitching practice utilising the offcuts that I always seem to have to hand. As people saw them and commented on them I realised that there was a market for quality hand stitched leather items that would stand up to the rigors of modern life. First I wanted a luggage tag that would still be on my bag at the end of the holiday, then I needed a card cases for business cards and my oyster card that meant the oyster card could be used with out pulling out my whole wallet at the tube station, or risking card clash, after that I wanted a new belt, next was a small bag for evening use...and so I gradually increased my product range, I make all my items using traditional saddlery skills and hand tools. Everything is prepared by hand and hand stitched with loving care and attention, because I use offcuts for many of the items, most are one off's so if you are looking for a truly unique item, my work is a good place to start.
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Results 1 - 16 of 22


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