Jwesty Design

Julie Westmore
East Sussex
United Kingdom
JWesty Design was created in 2018 by London based self-taught artist Julie Westmore. The idea was to showcase a selection of her modern London paintings and other designs through a variety of U.K. made products.

Julie’s love for painting began as a hobby inspired by the simple beauty of everyday things and is now her passion and an integral part of her daily life. Her work is found in private collections across the globe including Europe, USA, South America and The Bahamas where she was born and lived for many years.

Julie always dreamed of having her own business. After 15 years as a professional artist she decided to branch out and create her own brand. In this way, she is involved in the entire process: creating the artwork, choosing the product range and selecting the manufacturer.

Having lived in London since 2002, it is important to Julie that all JWesty Design products are not only designed in London but are manufactured in the UK.

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