Aga Sova Art

Aga SoVa
United Kingdom
At some point in my life I started believing in my intuition and I followed it, I followed my heart and inner voice, I got courage to follow my dream and live it and that has taken me to a place where I am now. My paintings represent the journey I have gone through to be exactly where I am. I paint what I feel, I paint from my heart. I love the paint and canvas and it was love at first stroke of brush. I love to look at the empty canvas and see the creation that comes from beyond me, it is absolutely ecstatic! Painting takes me to another dimension, a place somewhere inside me, it helps me to express myself, it helps to be in the exact moment and forget about the time and the world around. In that moment I just am and this is most exhilarating and unforgettable experience ever. I would like to invite you to my journey. My dream is to be inspired and get others inspired, make them stop for a moment and smile, reflect and wonder. My cards and calendars represent my paintings. If you are interested in any of my original works please do contact me either via facebook Aga SoVa Art @ or my website Thank you.
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