All About Harry the Hedgehog

Chiori Landragin
United Kingdom
Hedgehog gifts, Pillows, Cushions, Birthday Cards in UK. All HEDGEHOG featured items! If you are looking for a unique as well as humorous gift for yourself or others, then look no further than an item in this shop! Hello! I am Chiori Landragin. I live with my little African Pygmy Hedgehog Harry in London. I started posting pictures of Harry on Instagram in September in 2015 as I wanted to brighten up people's day with his cuteness. His Instagram account has been getting more popular and it currently has got over 5000 followers. So I decided to make unique as well as humorous gifts featuring Harry which I named the brand 'All about Harry the Hedgehog from London ' and I hope my products put a smile on a lot of people's face!
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Results 1 - 12 of 12


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