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Harvey-Smith Leather Ltd

Tanith Harvey-Smith
United Kingdom
"Harvey-Smith Leather" was launched in 2016 by the Harvey-Smith family who, with their love of leather, colour and desire to be different, developed a range of hand-dyed leather lifestyle products that would be unique to each person who bought them. It was the inspiration taken from paper marbling in Venice, the colourful stained glass windows one partner used to create and experience working with natural leather that gave us the idea to start experimenting with colour directly onto our leather. After a year of experimenting, we found a technique that was both beautiful, durable and produced one-of-a-kind patterns in stunning colours. This also meant that every product we made this way, would be completely unique; a rarity in a world of mass produced goods. All of our gorgeous products are made from genuine vegetable tanned leather which is much better for the environment. We also use water based dyed and sealers which are non toxic. Each item is hand cut, hand-dyed and hand-stitched together by our small family team in Lancashire, UK
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