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Labelling is a struggle for most designer makers and artisans. What do I put on it? Should I label on the front or keep it discreet? The easiest way to tackle this dilemma is to pretend to be a customer and scrutinise the labels. 

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There is no right or wrong way. Some people prefer it to be tucked away and removed all forms of distractions from your product — going with the ‘gallery’ approach. Some like it quite obvious and even using it as a marketing and branding opportunity.

Here are some tips:

Show the price! This is the first thing majority of customers look for. Having the price tucked away is a deterrent to shopping. It’s odd to have to ask a sales assistant for a price of a product. Make sure it's legible and visible, even if it's handwritten. Avoid awkward pricing like £3.67. Round if off if you can.

Keep it short! Scrap away lengthy descriptions or unnecessary fluff. Simplicity works best. Avoid long tangle prone strings. Keep everything sharp and easy to organise. Get to the point with the description. That’s all customers want to know. 

Front or back? Up to you. It is still possible to have description tucked away at the back but keeping important brand messaging and the price at the front. Try a few options.

Storytell! This is the best opportunity to sell yourself. Your brand, your business and why your product is unique (Made in Devon, Made with Scottish tartans, 100 Natural Ingredients… Don’t be afraid to show your brand and use that as part of the packaging/label design. Your brand messaging can also be used to support your premium pricing strategy.

Check out our branding board on Pinterest at https://uk.pinterest.com/thingsbritish/branding/

Good Luck!

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