Are you a designer, a maker, an artisan or a crafter? Do you have a pile of products you made that you want to sell off? Have you ever wonder if your craft would work in a retail environment? 

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Shelf rental could be your answer! You could be an experienced seller or relatively new to selling to the public. There are so many things to consider when you sell in a retail shop. How much do you sell it for? What is your margin? What would be the product range? How would you display them? Do you sell in volume or should you go premium? Most importantly, ask yourself the question! Who would buy your work?

Getting it right is not easy. Some people learn the ropes fairly quick. Some products take years. The art of retail is a process and no one gets it right the first time. 

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Shelf rental is a relatively low-risk method to get into retail. You rent a space and whatever you sell is yours (less some small banking fees). Basically, you are having a ‘shop’ within our shops. You would manage your product range, fix the retail prices and decide how you would merchandise your products and space. As we all know, merchandising is king in retail. It decides and influences sales.

Do not worry if you are a newbie. Things British are experienced retailers so we can provide you with support on many aspects of retailing. 

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