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If you are a designer maker, artisan or dabble in some form of crafting, you probably have considered trying to get your products into a physical retail shop. You are not alone. 

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Source: https://www.freeimages.com/photo/stills-of-an-artist-s-world-6-1546356

Retail shops have always been the ideal place to sell creative and handmade products. Nothing beats the physical presentation of your work in a physical retail environment. Unlike other fast moving consumer goods, crafted products are meant to be appreciated — to be touched, examined and tried on. Consumers buy into the story, the making and the process of a creative product. Consumers love the fact that creative products are made by people for people. There is often a great story behind each masterpiece. 

No matter where you are, prime retail shops provide the gateway to a breadth of customers and even potential buyers. The retail environment is also a great way to market yourself and to gain brand exposure. Moving away from the sentiments of selling locally, your work is now accessible to the rest of the world. So go on, carrying on what you do best and master your craft. Leave the selling to capable hands. 

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