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Designer makers, artisans or crafters. They all face the same dilemma. How do I explain my work so my customers know what I am about and what my work stands for? It’s never easy to distil your creative process down to a few sentences or perhaps to a few words. 

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Try this exercise to help find your brand voice through keywords.

Use a piece of paper and create 3 columns. The Feel - The Form - The Brand.

The Feel — Write down emotional words that describe how you feel about your own work, such as playful, eclectic, exquisite, exuberant, nostalgic, vintage, funky, delicate, formal, classy, finest, cutesy, refined, minimalistic, glamorous, divine, dark

The Form - Write down physical characteristics of your work, such as hand illustrated, 3D printed, sparkly, feminine, peach palette, azure blue, monochrome, clean-lined, dainty, steampunk

The Differentiators - Write down words about your brand and business that differentiate you from competitors, such as handmade, made in Devon, British made, 100% handcrafted, made in the Scottish Highlands, inspired from world travels, 100 years heritage, by royal appointment, donate profits to charity, sustainable

Example - Traditional sumptuous handspun textiles and homewares made in England’s sunny northwest since 1985.

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By combining the keywords from the three column, you are creating your very own brand statement. Something that truly belongs to you. Use it on your website, use it on your brand identity or even on your blog. This will also inspire and influence your packaging design, your choice of wrapping material, the choice of graphics and textures that you would use for your web banner. Use it for copywriting. This is everything.

This defines your work and your voice and how you sell your work to retailers, to galleries and to your customers. Use it wisely :)

Extra reading: https://medium.com/brand-lab/7-steps-for-crafting-a-brand-story-that-sells-e7218c035f97

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